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Google ADS

With the Google Ads Management and Consulting Service, the right audience can be advertised correctly. Make the most of your budget and always get positive ROI (return on investment) with Google Ads campaigns that are conversion-focused and managed based on data.


Get more efficiency in your Google ads with the same budget with Google Ads management and consultancy service. Let's measure your digital marketing efforts with data-based and conversion-oriented advertising campaigns.


What is Google Ads?

Almost 4 billion searches are made in a day on Google, which has about 80% of the search engine market share. By using this massive traffic, Google offers businesses a great opportunity to increase their web traffic, sales, potential audience and conversion rates. Although SEO and SEM are often confused by those who have not researched digital marketing, it is possible to get results within minutes with SEM, that is, search engine marketing, while SEO is a long-term plan. Google Ads enables businesses to reach their target audiences with various advertising methods.


What Does Google Ads Do?

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, Google Ads enables businesses or organizations to reach their target audiences much faster through search engine marketing. Although SEM is more costly than SEO, it is a marketing method that should be preferred especially for people who want to sell services or products over the internet. If you deliver your SEM campaigns to Digital Web Design, you can have much higher conversion rates at lower costs.


What are Google Ads Ad Types?

Search Ads


After examining your Digital Web Design products and services, it determines the most suitable keywords for you and thus promotes your products and services directly to a relevant audience. After the optimization process, you can achieve high conversions with low costs.


Display Network


Thanks to the display network, your products and services can be displayed on hundreds of thousands of different websites. Of course, Digital Web Design does not miss this opportunity! Advertising campaigns designed with data directed towards your target audience increase your conversions.


Shopping Ads


Shopping ads have a more complex optimization process than classic ads. Shopping ads use product data from your website instead of keywords. Necessary optimizations are reported by Digital Web Design.


Video Ad Network


Sometimes videos can be the best option to promote a product or service. Of course, to convince the target audience! Digital Web Design aims to achieve maximum conversions from these ads by focusing directly on data in video ads.

The Right Ad Returns Are High and Low Cost

Rob Walters

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