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antalya web tasarım ajansı dijital medya


 It is a work created by bringing together graphics and texts that enable websites to be accessible on the internet and search engines, and introduce people, institutions, products and services through websites. Websites are the identities and visible faces of institutions and individuals in the virtual internet environment.

Web designs are in HTML language and should definitely be done by experts.


Websites must be specially designed so that internet browsers can view them. While designing the websites, the target audience should be determined and worked within this framework. A quality web design should have features that appeal to the determined target audience and provide ease of use to users.


It is important to include visually striking elements in web designs. In addition, important elements such as originality, content and security in the designs of websites greatly affect the design quality. 

Web designs, project design, HTML or CSS coding, graphic design, testing processes and CMS integration are completed at the end.  

             What are web design elements?

Colors: Color choices are optional in web designs. However, these preferences should be in favor of colors that reflect their place in human psychology, the image of companies and their corporate identities in their sectors.  

Graphics : The use of graphics that will negatively affect the opening speed of the sites while making web designs affects the web sites negatively. For this reason, one should be very careful and selective when preparing graphics, logos, photographs and icons.  

Fonts: The fonts used in the designs of websites are also very effective in the quality of the design. As a result of the right choices, many web browsers can display safe fonts in high quality. Considering these issues, accepted fonts should be used.

Content: After determining the needs and target audiences of the websites, the content consisting of texts and images should be prepared in a way that is SEO compatible, informative to the users and arouses the curiosity of the users. The use of keywords in the content is of great importance in terms of SEO.


     What is Professional Web Design? How should it be?

Individuals and institutions who want to be more visible in digital environments and to reach the places they deserve, prefer professional web design works. Professional web design works make companies look reliable and unique online. In today's conditions, websites have a very important place for many people and institutions.



For every website, design and content are important in terms of compliance with the industry. By ensuring this compatibility, the sites can be designed to reach every user in a global sense. Thus, the growth of the target customer groups of the websites is ensured.

Especially e-commerce sites should be active 24/7 so that they can sell at any time of the day. Keeping websites open all the time, increasing sales and marketing revenues, and reducing campaign and advertising expenses can only be achieved with professional web designs. 

Much more than a website

Rob Walters

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